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2nd Ware (St. Mary's) is a Scout Group from Ware in England and is the towns oldest group. We have a very new Smugmug gallery and we are playing around with it at the moment. Enjoy the images and video when available! Visit us on http://www.2wsm.org.uk

We extend our thanks to all the good folk at Smugmug who donated this pro gallery to 2nd Ware (St. Mary's) FOR FREE.

As well as giving us an alternative to putting a selection of shots on our own website you will be able to enjoy seeing images on here and have the ability to download photos of your children during their time with us.


Mowgli Cubs

Mowgli in pics & vids...

Updated: Jul 06, 2009 1:10pm PST

2nd Ware Group

Other 2nd Ware shots...

Updated: Mar 31, 2009 5:59am PST

Poles Lane HQ 3D tour

The cleaning cupboard is by the main hall doors

Updated: Jan 23, 2009 11:43am PST

2wsm clipart

2nd Ware specific stuff

Updated: Feb 01, 2009 11:12am PST

Vintage Archive

Approx 1920s-50s

Updated: Jan 17, 2009 9:59am PST


Approx 60s-80s

Updated: Jan 17, 2009 9:22am PST


Approx 90s-00s

Updated: Feb 07, 2009 8:55am PST


Updated: Jul 22, 2009 1:30pm PST


District & 2nd Ware trophies. For dates won see www.2wsm.org.uk

Updated: Jan 17, 2009 2:15am PST

Oxley Shield 2006

Updated: Feb 21, 2011 10:50am PST

Oxley Shield 2007

Updated: Feb 21, 2011 11:03am PST

Camp 2008

Updated: Feb 21, 2011 9:54am PST

Family Camp 2009

Updated: Feb 21, 2011 11:14am PST

Oxley Shield 2010

Updated: Feb 21, 2011 11:11am PST

Family Camp 2010

Updated: Feb 21, 2011 1:33pm PST